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Hot Maker is the best DJ for a children’s party!

A holiday is always a high level of responsibility, because it cannot be “replayed”, “held anew”. It is either there or not. But the event for children is aerobatics, because children are sincere and spontaneous, they feel false and do not forgive mistakes. So if you need a DJ for a children’s party, I’m always ready to help. My experience of working in a wide variety of styles and genres allows us to speak about my professional compliance with the highest standards of this demanding audience.

Opportunities and options

I am ready to work with any age audience both as the main presenter and in partnership with other presenters, animators, etc. The only condition is that I need to know in advance the theme and the general scenario of the holiday, the musical preferences of the hero of the occasion or the whole group (we compose the playlist in advance and agree on it).

At your request, with the help of music and special effects, you can:

  • create a unique fabulous holiday atmosphere (soundtracks from your favorite fairy tales, cartoons, sounds of the jungle, the magical underwater world or interstellar spaces);
  • hold a real royal ball (fanfare, herald, soundtracks of fairy balls, etc.);
  • organize a real club party with popular tracks, mixes and dance hits among teenagers;
  • make children members of the charts of musical preferences and much more.

In any case, I guarantee:

  • safety of all participants;
  • bright, emotionally intense holiday;
  • high-quality surround sound;
  • creative approach and non-standard solutions.

Ideally, I would like to meet the children for whom I will make a holiday, because the parents’ idea of ​​how an ideal holiday for their child should look like, and the child’s own ideas do not always coincide. Believe me, my qualifications allow me to find a middle ground between these poles.

So that I can organize the best holiday for your children, you need to make an application in advance using a special form on this website, via e-mail or by phone. Then we meet, discuss the scale and scenario of the holiday, all the nuances that are important for you and me, and I leave to prepare the fulfillment of my childhood dream.

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You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

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