DJ for a corporate party

DJ for a corporate party

✓  TOP100 ⭐ Best DJs of Russia in 2020 according to the version of the PROMODJ website.

  Nominee for the EVENT DJ AWARDS 2019 in the category “Event DJ of the Year 2018”

 Work experience 10 years.

 More than 100 corporate events held.

 Cooperation with major event agencies

 Implementation of projects at the top sites in Moscow.

 Own sound and light equipment.

 Foreign projects in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, France, Turkey and many others

Corporate events are not just an occasion to get together to celebrate the company’s achievements or celebrate its anniversary. This is a good opportunity to unite the team, eliminate hostility between colleagues (if any), develop a team spirit and introduce employees (if the company is young or there are a lot of employees on its staff). And for the holiday to be successful, bring the expected result, it is important not only to invite the host, but also the DJ to the corporate party.

Why is it worth inviting a DJ to a corporate event?

No celebration is complete without music. It is especially important when a lot of people have gathered in the hall. And only a professional DJ can set the right mood, cheer up the audience. You shouldn’t ask any of your colleagues to bring a flash drive with fashionable compositions. And the host, if you invite him, will refuse to be responsible for the music. He is a master in his field, but the constant switching on and off of background melodies, dance tracks will simply distract him from work. In this case, the quality of the service may suffer. Do you need it? Not!

Therefore, it is better to order a DJ for your event now. I’m Joseph Rodriguez, better known as DJ icono, will take care of the following questions at your holiday:

  • Musical accompaniment. Working in tandem with the presenter, I will turn on and off background music at the right time to fill in the pauses, put on incendiary tracks for those who want to dance, create musical accents during competitions, etc.
  • Controlling the musical atmosphere of the corporate party. If the audience starts to fade, I will put on the right composition for relaxation. And after a while I will select the actual melodies for the continuation of the incendiary disco.
  • I will not let the guests of the holiday get bored even a minute. As an experienced DJ, I replace a whole orchestra with myself, changing the volume and tone of the melodies. A rhythmic pulse appears in the air with me, uniting people with different professions and interests. In addition, the ability to improvise helps out at a corporate party. So the organizer of the party will be pleased with the absence of sudden pauses and awkward moments.

I’am DJ icono, will be happy to come to your corporate party to make your holiday unforgettable! My professional equipment combined with mastery of track management will create the right atmosphere from the first minutes!

You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

get in touch

FROM $80

You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

DJ icono

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