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Any conference is a celebration of a meeting of real professionals, a celebration of ideas, recognition of merits. This is an exchange of experience and a joint search for optimal solutions. It is not surprising that not only microphones work at the conference, but also music sounds. As your conference DJ, I guarantee impeccable atmospheric sound and a unique psycho-emotional environment.

Opportunities and Options
People who are far from sound technology often believe that high-quality equipment is the main thing. Of course, the hardware affects the sound format. But the sound design itself, its relevance, timeliness, lack of technical breaks – it depends on the person at the control panel.

At the conference, I can:

  • Connect, set up and control the operation of any sound and lighting equipment. You will not have “whistling” microphones, awkward pauses and technical misunderstandings at the conference.
  • Combine the main and sub playlists in such a way that you can adjust the order of the sound without noticing the participants.
  • Select music content taking into account all the individual characteristics of the style and profile of the conference.
  • Work effectively even with sudden changes in the script.
  • To make emotional and ordinal constellations with the help of music.

I can easily find a common language with the presenter and the organizers of the conference in order to work towards a common goal – the successful holding of the event. Punctuality and responsibility are my second “I”: you can be sure that all the equipment will be installed and adjusted before the arrival of the very first participant.

I select equipment in accordance with the task, the size of the conference room, and the number of participants. At the same time, it is important not only to bring and connect, but also arrange the sound sources in such a way that each participant can easily and clearly hear every nuance.

Whatever you choose – ready-made tracks or unique mixes, I will ensure their high-quality sound and impeccable style of the event.

You can fill out an application right now – the site has a special online form, my email address and contact phone number. I will call you back shortly to arrange a personal meeting – this facilitates the assignment of tasks and guarantees successful preparation.

You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

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You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

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