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An unforgettable party high school graduation with DJ icono!

Time flies by very quickly, and for some this school year is already the last one. Ahead is adult life! All the guys are looking forward to the high school graduation to celebrate the end of school with unforgettable fun! And I will gladly help with this! Let me introduce myself – I am DJ icono, for your high school graduation. For more than 10 years I have been working as a DJ at various events, and I especially like to be engaged in musical accompaniment of youth parties! I know what modern guys are listening to, singing and to what they like to move. Therefore, I can become your DJ for the high school graduation.

Why invite a DJ?

Even if there is a 9th grade celebration planned instead of 11th grade, it is imperative to invite a music pro. You should not settle for a disco for songs that sound thanks to the music center and school speakers. If just an “amateur” manages the tracks, the evening will not be special. Do you want an original holiday that really becomes the first step into adulthood? Then, without hesitation, order my services.

What do I do on the holiday:

  • I am engaged in musical accompaniment. Surely you will invite a presenter who will entertain a group of classmates. So, at the right moments, I will turn on and off the background music, fill in the pauses, put accents and create a cheerful mood – in general, everything is for you, my friends!
  • I control the musical atmosphere. From the first minutes at the graduation ceremony, fiery music will appear, to which you want to dance until dawn. But if I see that the guys are a little tired, I will change tracks, giving them the opportunity to rest and have a snack. And then everyone is dancing again! You won’t be bored with me!

Would you like to order a DJ for your graduation, which will be organized in the open air? Nothing is impossible! I will come to you even at the restaurant, at least on the ship! You just need to discuss all the nuances in advance.

Benefits of my services

DJ Hot Maker is one of the best in the capital. And you will be convinced of this personally by inviting me to your event. In addition to extensive experience, my clients are always happy with:

  • Perfect selection of the latest tracks. I discuss the playlist in advance so that at the graduation I put only those songs that young people love.
  • High quality sound. My equipment always works properly and creates a unique atmosphere! From the first notes, the air is filled with frantic energy, a rhythmic pulse that makes everyone dance until dawn!
  • Affordable cost of services. If you look at the prices for the services of musical accompaniment of the graduation ceremony in Moscow, you will understand that I have the best offer!

You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

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FROM $80

You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

DJ icono

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