DJ for your birthday

DJ for your birthday

The hero of the occasion and his loved ones during the holiday are always in time trouble – you need to pay attention to each guest, follow the food, make sure that no one gets bored. So that the festive atmosphere is not lost behind the bustle, the best way out is to order a DJ for your birthday. I will make sure that every moment corresponds to the format of the meeting, I will help create a cozy, friendly atmosphere and place emotional accents.

Benefits of professional service

Of course, high-quality media equipment is now available in almost every home, restaurant or club. And turning on the music is not difficult even for a child. And many Internet applications offer to create a playlist so that the songs sound in a given order.

But everyone who wants the holiday to be perfect try to order a DJ for their birthday, because:

  • I not only compose a playlist in accordance with the preferences of the customer, but also prepare additional “technical” tracks to fill in pauses, designate climaxes, etc .;
  • at the request of the birthday person, I can prepare a unique mix or collage, which will become the leitmotif of the script;
  • I can use the background music to regulate the mood in the company, smooth out awkwardness or prevent overwork;
  • on time and without “technical breaks” I turn on substrates, beats, music for contests, fanfare, etc .;
  • I know how to make “all this” work (I have experience with a variety of sound and lighting systems);
  • I deliver and connect additional sound and light equipment at the request of the customer;
  • I can change the sound design on the fly in accordance with the wishes of the party.

In my portfolio you will find 3 standard service packages, but I am always open to the wishes of the customer and am ready to discuss individual conditions.

Important: I accept applications well in advance, but no later than a week before the event. According to the principle “today for tomorrow” I do not work even if the day you need is free – a few hours simply do not allow to carry out the necessary preparation in full: to agree on a scenario, to make individual mixes, to select and set up equipment corresponding to the architecture of the room (open space) and the number participants. I do not work “somehow”.

You can place an application using the online form on the website, by e-mail or by phone. In any case, I will call you back to agree on the nuances.

You can order DJ icono and clarify the cost for your holiday in three ways:

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You can place an order and clarify the cost for your event in three ways:

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